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Boston Home Center:

The Boston Home Center helps Boston residents purchase, improve, and keep their homes. We offer training and financial help to first-time homebuyers; guidance and funding for homeowners for home improvements; and counseling to help families avoid foreclosure.

Fall Housing Fair:

"The 2015 Boston Home Center Fall Homeownership Fair was a huge success," said Boston Home Center Deputy Director Rob Consalvo. "It was exciting to see so many people interested in all aspects of homeownership."More than 200 people attended the event on October 17 and participated in classes and workshops as well as had the opportunity to network with realtors, lenders, and other Boston Home Center partners."The Boston Home Center team did an outstanding job organizing the event and worked hard to make sure all attendees had access to ALL the Boston Home Center's programs and services," said Rob.


View the Boston Home Center's courses for homebuyers and homeowners


More Information:

For more information about Boston Home Center services, see the Homebuyer Resources and Homeowner Resources sections on the Housing page.
Visit the Boston Home Center
The BHC serves residents Monday through Friday, 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. The BHC is located at 26 Court Street, 9th floor, in downtown Boston.  Here, visitors can pick up information about the City's homebuyer and homeowner programs, learn about upcoming workshops, seminars and classes and even talk with a Boston Home Center staff member face-to-face.
The Boston Home Center
Phone: 617.635.HOME


Homebuyer Classes:

Drop-In Counseling Sessions for Homebuyers
If you have completed a Homebuying 101 class and need some guidance, join us for a free group counseling session.
This is an eight-hour course designed for any first-time homebuyer. This course includes information about the mortgage process, managing debt, shopping for a home, and legal concerns related to home buying. This course is required if you are applying for financial assistance from the City.
This is a free two-hour seminar for graduates of Homebuying 101 that provides specialized information on condo ownership along with how to shop for and finance the purchase of a condo
This is a free two-hour seminar to learn about special mortgages and other resources available to help you fix-up your home.
This free two-hour seminar includes information about the foreclosed property purchase process, legal issues, mortgage and property selection, and information about special home repair resources.
Every homebuyer knows they need a team to help them negotiate buying the best home at the best price, but who can tell them if their dream home needs a new roof, or if the wiring is outdated?
Learn why a home inspection is important, and what you should expect from your home inspection, from a Licensed & Certified Home Inspector.
Join us for a lively panel discussion with a Mortgage Loan Officer, a local Realtor a local Insurance Agent and a local Real Estate Attorney and learn what role each professional plays in the home buying process and how it differs, depending upon the type of home you want to purchase
Topics covered in this workshop will include why you need a Real Estate Attorney, how they can help you with your home purchase and how to find an attorney
This two-hour workshop will teach you how to review your credit report, optimize your debt: credit ratio, and organize your financial documents to prepare for applications to financial assistance programs and lenders. 
Don't forget your calculator!

Classes for Everyone:

BHC Boot Camp was created to help HB101 graduates cross the finish line and become first-time homebuyers. 
BHC Boot Campers must commit to participation in three workshops where they will learn how to:
- Repair credit levels and execute a saving plan  
- Prepare to apply for a mortgage and other financial assistance 
- Work successfully with real estate professionals to search for and find a home
Your Homeownership Financial Plan - A two-hour seminar to help you plan your spending and saving for buying and maintaining your home.
A two-hour seminar to help you organize your information to apply for mortgages, financial assistance, and programs to maintain and repair your home. We will review the documents that you will see throughout the homebuying process.
A 6-Hour seminar to help you review your credit and create a plan for increasing your credit score and/or resolving credit problems.
If you are interested in buying a home in Boston and you are looking for help with the financing, then take advantage of the Boston Home Center's Financial Assistance Workshop. This class is a great opportunity to find out about the resources and services available to help you purchase a home. 
In this free 1.5-hour course, participants will learn about steps they can take to recover financially and rebuild their credit after experiencing a financial setback
A financial assistance workshop from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm, followed by a two-hour networking opportunity to meet with several different mortgage lenders to understand their products and your purchase and refinance options. This workshop also includes an opportunity to meet with local realtors with Boston listings and to speak with them and ask questions.
This free 1.5-hour course will help you understand how to manage money by preparing a personal spending plan and identifying ways to decrease spending and increase income. 
The Options for Reducing Monthly Mortgage Payments Workshop is a free one-session workshop that will help homeowners learn how to prevent foreclosure. 
The clinic is sponsored by The Boston Home Center's Foreclosure Prevention Team.
This free 1.5 hour class will help participants understand ways to save money and savings options to save toward their goals. 
Participants will understand how to read a credit report and how to build and repair their credit history.
Participants in this free 1.5 hour class will understand the home buying process and the difference between renting versus owning and financially protecting their home.  

Programs & Services for Homebuyers:

The Neighborhood Homes Initiative (NHI) is an opportunity for first-time homebuyers to purchase an affordable single- or two-family home in one of Boston’s neighborhoods.
If you are interested in buying a home in Boston and you are looking for help with the financing, then take advantage of the Boston Home Center's Financial Assistance Workshop. This class is a great opportunity to find out about the resources and services available to help you purchase a home. 
The BHC Homebuyer Club will help ensure that homebuyers are prepared and qualified to buy a home in Boston. For many, this club will provide the next steps Homebuying 101 graduates can follow in the homebuying process. The club will help homebuyers connect with lenders and realtors and provide topical seminars to enhance their educational program. 
To offer many of its programs and services, the Boston Home Center works in association with several approved mortgage lenders. Below is a list of the participating lenders.

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