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5 Ways to Secure a Lease in a Competitive Rental Market

Apartments in BostonThe current housing market is very competitive. The competition for housing isn’t only felt by buyers…renters are also feeling the impact of low inventory and plenty of competition for the same apartment. Our goal is to help renters feel confident in finding their next lease. Below are five ways to set yourself apart and secure a lease on your favorite apartment. 

1. Be prepared: Have all of your paperwork assembled and ready (digital or hardcopy) when viewing properties. The paperwork will expedite the leasing process and prove to the landlord or property manager you are a trustworthy and organized tenant. This will play to your advantage. The paperwork should include your credit report, previous addresses and landlord contact information, and proof of income. 

2. Have a check in hand: Be ready to pay for the first month, last month, and security deposit and have the check ready. Having your deposit check ready and in hand will definitely get the landlord's attention. Landlords are constantly showing properties to prospective tenants who promise they will have the deposit ready in the near future. Be ready today…and sign that lease! 

3. Put a little pepper on it: Offering a larger deposit is sure to have a landlord sit up and take notice. Some landlords are willing to accept a larger deposit, but surprisingly not all will. Regardless, this gesture will impress a landlord or property owner. Offering to pay several months in advance can also work in your favor…and might smooth things over if your credit report is a little lackluster. 

4. The time is now: Get on the move when you find that perfect Greater Boston apartment rental listing. You will want to be the first to view the apartment…as the good ones go quick! Don’t wait for a casual weekend viewing. Schedule an apartment viewing appointment as soon as possible (take a half day off from work…the boss will understand) and be on time for your appointment. 

5. Dress for the apartment you want: Good manners cost nothing but you might want to pay for a little dry cleaning. A little grooming and etiquette will prove you will be a reliable and trustworthy tenant and will set yourself apart when apartment hunting. Prepare for the apartment viewing appointment as you would for a job interview and act accordingly. 

The Galvin Group has been serving renters, buyers, sellers, and developers since 2008. Our current rental listings include new construction rental properties and premier rental properties. We look forward to working with you to find your perfect apartment in Greater Boston. Contact us today!

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